Q.1 What is the difference between the 2HB and 2HA pumps? Are they compatible?
The external dimensions and the connection measurements are the same.
However, the pipe bore diameters have been changed from parallel pipe thread (G) to tapered pipe thread (RC).
Q.2 What kind of pumping fluids can be dedtvered?
Trochoid Pump is for oil use, covering all kinds of lubricating oils. It is not possible to pump water. Depending on the model, it is also possible to pump coolant and fuel oil. The fuel pump is available for fuel oils while there are the Trochoid Pump and the rotary vane pump available for water use.
It is not possible to pump liquid with high combustibility such as gasoline and volatile oil. Please consult with us if you pumps the liquid besides oil.
Q.3 Is it possible to change the rotational direction of the motor and the suction/discharge port orientations and still use the pump?
The pump rotational direction and orientation of the suction/discharge ports for Trochoid Pump are fixed. Please use the assigned pump rotational direction and the suction/discharge ports in their fixed positions.
Q.4 Approximately, what is the maximum elevation possible for the pump suction?
Trochoid Pump is capable of developing a suction head of 1m at a rotational speed of 1000-2500 rpm. Moreover, please set the suction pressure in the pump port as 0.03Mpa (the direction near the atmospheric pressure) or less when oil is sucked.
If the suction side pressure is more than 0.03Mpa (the direction near vacuum), the cavitation, the abnormal noise, generation of heat and the defective discharge will occur and the pump will be broken.
Q.5 Is it allowable to apply pressure to the pump suction?
Please make it less than 0.03 MPa. If this level is exceeded, the oil seal may be damaged.
Q.6 About the installation position of the pump relative to the attached motor
Generally, install them horizontally. If it is necessary to install them vertically, please ensure that the position of the pump is below that of the motor.
Q.7 How long is it possible to let the pump idle?
Please keep the idling time within 10 seconds.