Privacy Policy

Nippon Oil Pump Co., Ltd. (Hereafter, it is written, "Our company") esteems customer's privacy, and it adopts the following "Privacy policy".

1. About the requirement of individual information
Our company will ask customer's individual information under the following conditions.
  • ・When you register to the E-mail delivery service or other various services.
  • ・When you answer an online investigation (questionnaire).
  • ・When you apply to or participate the contest, the prize or other events etc.
  • ・When you demand special service or information.
  • ・When you want the inquiry about our products or are desirous to support.
  • ・When you place an order for our product.
  • ・When you apply to the exhibition or the seminar, etc.
  • ・Additionally, when the necessity is admitted.
2. Definition of individual information
Our company will ask the following individual information to identify and contact you under the condition mentioned by the former article.
  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Postcode and address
  • Investigation items about our products and service
  • Other necessities of our company (Some service might not be used if the answer is not in full although there is no need to answer all items.)
3. Use of individual information
The individual information will be used in the purpose as follows. Our company doesn't change the use of the customer's individual information provided in this article without the permission of the customer. Additionally, you can refuse your individual information to be used in some special purpose and also you can cancel your registration. Our company appoints representative of each section that handles individual information, and the customer's individual information will be accurately managed and up to date.
  • To deliver the mail of E-mail delivery service
  • To confirm whether you are a registrant of the service
  • For a necessary confirmation or information when delivering service applied by the customer.
  • To deliver service (including information) and gifts applied by the customer
  • To confirm whether you are a registrant of our service
  • Others, when it is necessary to contact the customer.
4. About child's privacy
Our company doesn't intentionally collect individual information of child less than 13 years. However, our service is available if the child is under the management of the adult such as guardians and teachers at various schools. The information will be deleted as soon as we conclude that it was registered by a child less than 13 years.
5. Disclosing of individual information etc.
Without customer's approval, our company doesn't disclose any registered individual information to the third party who excludes our subsidiary companies, affiliated companies, business partner and the succession parties of our subsidiary companies and affiliated companies (Hereafter, it is generically said, "Subsidiary companies etc.").Moreover, when the individual information that was approved the disclosure to the third party is required to stop disseminating, we'll do so as soon as possible. Even when customer's individual information is disclosed to third parties other than the subsidiary companies, our company takes measures to avoid divulging from that third party and do not offer again.
However, our company doesn't assume the responsibility when the customer accesses homepages of the other companies or organizations from link of our homepage, and the information or service supply, the commodity order, the applications and contacting, etc. are performed.
6. Management and security of individual protection information
Only the person who is admitted that the use of the information is necessary on business can access the individual information registered by the customer. Moreover, security countermeasures are executed to avoid individual information losing, misusing and being modified under the control of our company, and the information is kept in a safe environment that everyman cannot reach.
7. Deletion of registered information
According to the requirement of the customer, our company will take the following measures for registered individual information.
  • When the requirement of deletion of registered information is received, our company will stop the information delivery and the service offer to the customer, and at the same time the individual information of that customer will be deleted from the database.
  • We'll require the outside enterprise/group etc. who we offered the information (According to your approval) to take promptly similar measures.
  • Additionally, for the deletion or alteration of registered information, please contact us via Inquiry.
8. Exemption about individual information
Our company provides service in the homepage such as the chat (conversation), the forum (conference room), the bulletin board, the news group and exchange email. Please note the information that the customer voluntarily disclosed in such service is regarded as public information. (Our company does not assume any responsibility for the handling of individual information.)
9. Use of IP address and Cookie
  1. About IP address
    Our company might use IP address of the customer recorded in the log for the following purposes. The individual cannot be distinguished by the IP address.
    ・To ascertain the cause of the server problem and to solve it
    ・To maintain the server
  2. About Cookie
    The Cookie might be used on our homepage. By using the Cookie, which pages the customer visited can be recorded. Moreover, the service might be provided after combining the Cookie and the information registered by the customer. Moreover, the statistical information might be published, which is acquired and managed by using the cookie. It doesn't contain information that can identify the individual.
    It is possible for the customer to make the computer bring forward a warning when you receive a Cookie by refusing the Cookie in the browser setting. Most of the services of homepage are available even if the Cookie is not accepted.However, there might be some service that is not available because of the limitation of the service content.
    The customer cannot be identified as long as the customer doesn't input individual information, although the customer's computer can be identified by using the Cookie.
10. Conformation of privacy and policy
Our company and the customers who access this site agree to be restrained according to the Japanese law.
11. Inquiries concerning privacy policy
Please contact us if you have some question etc. for protection of individual information on the homepage of Nippon Oil Pump Co., Ltd.
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