Basic Principles –

Quality, Environment and Safety

Management System

Supplying reliable and innovative products, which function as the cornerstone
of various industries, we uplift our capabilities, help our customers grow,
and make our society a better place to live.

■ We deliver value and satisfaction to our customers with innovation and
 solid operational performance.

■ We bake quality into our process so that we ensure quality without
 being reliant on human intervention.

■ We critically analyze the status-quo, exercise the PDCA cycle, and
 practice continuous improvement.

■ We abide by the law, practice governance, and realize a safe, comfortable
 and healthy work environment.

■ We reduce putting burden on the environment from both our business
 activities and our products’ life cycle viewpoints.

■ We hold ourselves accountable by disclosing appropriate information
 to our stakeholders in a timely manner.

Recognized certificate of registration
Recognized certificate of registration
ISO14001: 2015