We Nippon Oil Pump is a company who is expanding globally for development, production, and sales of the liquid transportation products such as trochoid pumps,
hydraulic motors, filter pumps and coolant tanks used in a wide range of fields such as machine tools, special vehicles, ships, and beverages.
Our products are only small parts that are put into our customers' equipment, but we take pride in being like a "small life" that affects the reliability and is vital in the equipment.
Therefore, we hold "quality first" in our daily production activities.
Nowadays, environmental changes and technological innovations such as borderless economic activity and high digital technology are coming as a blinding speed.
Against these changes, we have always been enhancing Nippon Oil Pump's existence value by pursuing an ambition for new technologies constantly,
action and judgment against changes, global strategy and build out worldwide sales channel.
In addition, we are confident that Nippon Oil Pump's strengths are our activities that integrate
the three portions of development,
production, and sales activities for liquid transportation products, and this is the base of trust from our customers.

Nippon Oil Pump celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019.
We will strive to continue to be a "small life" to enrich everyone's lives with
"liquid transportation technology" of Nippon oil pump cultivated over this long history.

Osamu Abe             
Representative Director-President