• ・Trochoid Division : Trochoid Pump, Fuel Pump, etc.
  • ・Hydraulic Division : ORBMARK Motor, Index Motor, Hydraulic Valves, etc.
  • ・Water Pump Division : Procon Pump, Aquatec, etc
  • ・VORTEX Division : Integrated Coolant Pump 【VORTEX】
Kumoshita Ironworks was founded
(Renamed to Nippon Oil Pump Works in 1935)
1945Establishment of Corporation
Nippon Oil Pump Manufacture Co.,Ltd. was founded
1955Reinforcement in Production
Kumoshita Works Co.,Ltd. was founded
1960Strengthening of Sales Operation
Oil Pump Sales Co.,Ltd. was founded
1963Newly Established R&D・Manufacturing Hub
Nippon Gerotor Co.,Ltd. was founded
1974Birth of Trochoid, New Manufacturing Base
Trochoid Co.,Ltd. was founded
(Integrated as Nippon Gerotor Co.,Ltd. Yamagata Factory in 2002)
1980Formation of Nippon Oil Pump Group
Oil Pump Sales Co.,Ltd. was renamed to Nippon Oil Pump Co.,Ltd.
2007Establishment of Sales Branch in China
NOP Asia Inc. was founded
2008Integration of 6 Group Companies
6 group companies were integrated into Nippon Oil Pump Co.,Ltd.
2015Establishment of Sales Branch in Germany
Nippon Oil Pump Co.,Ltd.German branch. was founded.

Establishment of Sales Branch in Taiwan
NOP Taiwan inc. was founded.

Establishment of Sales Branch in India
Nippon Oil Pump India Private Limited. was founded.
2018Acquired and integrated with Streamware-Components OHG
German branch acquires and integrates Streamware-Components OHG
2019100th anniversary of foundation
100 years since its founding in 1919

Establishment of Sales Branch in the United States
Nippon Oil Pump North America Corporation was founded.